Happy New Year! Our current production time is approximately 6 weeks.Our offerings are somewhat limited as we work towards catching up on production.All items are made to order by Randi, Eric, Joan & Cassandra. Questions? please contact us at: eric@randijofab.com or call/text 541.525.4217. Thanks!




We use a 55% linen 45% cotton blend chambray for our spring and fall caps.  At 5.6 ounces, this fabric is woven with a white weft and a colored warp producing an attractive mottled appearance. The blend of linen and cotton gives this fabric extra softness and a bit of texture. This yarn-dyed fabric is both sturdy and incredibly handsome.  


We use an 11oz 1000 denier Nylon Cordura for the underflaps of all our saddle covers. This fabric is coated with a urethane coating and DWR. It is very abrasion resistant and has a high tear strength with a rough brushed cotton-like appearance.


We use a medium weight 100% linen fabric for our summer caps. At 5.3 ounces, this linen is neither sheer nor heavy but has a smooth look and tighter weave. It is a woven fabric made from the fibers found in the stems of flax plants. Linen is an ideal fabric for warm to hot and humid weather.  It absorbs perspiration and, similar to wool, linen is also odor resistant making it a perfect choice for summer touring.


We use premium, ethically produced merino wool jersey for the earflaps on our wool caps.  Merino are one of the world’s oldest breeds of sheep which produces a beautifully soft and versatile wool.  Merino wool is our favorite fiber, a super fiber offering many benefits. It has unique thermal abilities that allow it to stay warm when wet in cold weather.  It offers outstanding breathability when used in warm conditions wicking sweat away from the skin and retains the moisture which leaves you feeling dry, relative to the amount of sweat you are producing.  The fibers have a uniquely thin structure that bacteria has a difficult time clinging to making the fabric anti-bacterial and very odor resistant. And those thin fibers are hypoallergenic, being a very rare fiber to have allergic reaction to.   Because merino wool is so soft, it can be worn next to the skin even by many of those who do not normally tolerate wool.


For bag lining and the drawcord tops of our handlebar bags we use 1.9oz 70 denier nylon Ripstop with a polyurethane coating that has extra UV protection.


We line all of our saddle covers with a 70 denier nylon Taffeta with a urethane coating. It’s another layer of protection from the elements for your beloved leather saddle.

Waterproof Breathable

We use only 3-layer Waterproof Breathable fabrics for our WPB saddle covers. Waterproof Breathable fabrics are composed of a top fabric layer backed with a waterproof breathable membrane and a protective fabric covering the membrane.  All Waterproof Breathable fabric exteriors (also known as face fabrics) are treated with a durable water repellent (DWR) finish.  DWR affects only the exterior of rainwear and is separate from a laminate or coating. Its purpose is to protect the face fabric from becoming saturated, weighing it down and causing any sensation of dampness.

Waxed Canvas

We use high quality made-in-the-USA waxed canvas fabric in weights ranging from 4.4 oz. to 10.10 oz. The majority of our canvas comes coated in an environmentally friendly blend of food and pharmaceutical grade waxes, and is completely non-hazardous.  This unique formula gives the fabric lifelong resistance to inclement weather and as the fabric ages, it develops a well-worn and comfortable patina. The patina develops with more and more use, in the same manner that leather ages and burnishes with time.  Waxed canvas fabric can be re-waxed if and when the original wax wears off or is in some case erroneously washed off. Otter Wax is great for rewaxing.


We use made in the USA medium weight wool flannel for our caps.  It is a soft woven fabric whose surface is achieved by mechanical brushing, which lifts the surface fibers to create the quintessential flannel pile.

Wool is a wondrous fiber. The thin waxy coating of wool fiber contains fatty acids that inhibit the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria.  The same coating repels water that can cause mildew and mold to grow. This means that woolen items do not need regular washing and will smell fresh after repeated use unlike synthetic fabrics.  It is breathable which makes it an excellent year-round material, its fibers trap heat in the winter and let air circulate in the summer. Since it retains 80% of its insulating value even when saturated, wool will keep you warm even when wet.

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