Holiday production: Monday, November 27th was our last day to order for Christmas delivery. Production for orders placed after Nov. 27th will take approx. 6 weeks. All items are made to order by Randi, Eric, Joan & Cassandra. Questions? please contact us at: or call/text 541.525.4217. Thanks!



I ordered the wrong size/color! Can I change my order?

Of course! Just let us know.

Now that I have my order, I realize (despite the obvious skill and craftsmanship that has gone into in) I would like to return it. Can I?

You can return your order! We want you to be happy with our items and if you are not, email us.

My dog also loved my order and now my order is missing bits. Any chance you can repair it?

More often than not, any physical damage done can be repaired. Let us know and we will work something out.

What if I just realize I want another color/size/style? Do you accept exchanges?

Yes we do. Just email us and we’ll straighten everything out.

What’s your warranty?
We don’t have an official warranty but if something needs to happen, just give us an email.


How long before I get my order?

Current turnaround time is about 3 weeks.  

What? 3 weeks? Why?

Every item we make is made-to-order.  We are a two-and-a-half person business- Sam is part time, and we each wear several hats (pun somewhat intended) around here, from cutting, keeping the website up sewing, packaging, product development, all the little things, and on top of that, we have a lot of orders to fill, thank you btw. We're doing our best to stay on top of things and hope to be in a new and larger space in 2021, at that point we hope to hire a couple more local folks to get things done a bit quicker and a bit more efficiently.  Thanks for your patience!

I need my order sooner. Can you do anything about that?

If you need your order by a certain date please let us know in the 'Notes' section on the order page or send us an email or give us a call: 541.525.4217.

How do I know when my order is shipped?

When we have all the items you ordered, we print your shipping label and you should receive a shipping notification with tracking info (if you had entered your email address properly).  

Where's my order?

Please get in touch with and we will get right back to you!

Saddle Covers

My saddle cover is really wet. What do I do?

When they have been in a heavy rain or lots of moisture remove the cover and let the cover and saddle air out.  

Why is there moisture under the cover?!

Condensation forms when the cold air meets the warmed saddle cover (say after a ride on a cool morning). This is a natural occurrence and there isn’t much that can be done to stop it. We recommend you removing the cover periodically to keep mold from forming due to condensation.

How do I fold my saddle cover to be stored under the saddle so smoothly as you have shown?

With the saddle cover off, stretch the cover from the nose of the top to the velcro of the underflap. Start rolling from the nose up, keeping the snaps pulled out to the sides (you will need access to them) and all the way up until the velcro has been rolled. Congrats! You have a saddle cigar (don’t smoke it). Now carefully cramp the cover under the saddle’s rails. Simply pull the snaps out and around each rail. Snap everything in place and you are done! One saddle cover neatly stored under your saddle.

What does WPB stand for?

WaterProof Breathable. So while water has a hard time getting in, condensation also had a harder time forming.

Do I want WPB or Wax? What’s the difference?

After many years of research (mostly first hand experience with riding using both in Oregon’s wet rainy weather), we have come to the conclusion they are basically the same. Choose based on your personal taste.

Can I rewax my Wax Canvas Saddle Cover?

Yes. Here's a guide to using Otter Wax's awesome products. Yes it is a link to rewaxing a cap but the principle is the same.


Measuring your head (and why).

We love it when folks measure their head and include it with their order- it's the best way for us to tailor the sizing accordingly and especially important for those of us at the upper / lower end of sizes (not to mention after waiting for the cap to be made and arrive just to find out it doesn't fit).  The best way is to have someone help you, but if no one's around you can do it yourself.   

To measure: get yourself a soft measuring tape or a string.  We wrap from the back of our heads to the front.  Most heads are close to 2 feet around, so hold one hand at the end of the tape and the other at about 24 inches.  Starting with the center of the tape at the back of your head, right on the bump at the base of your skull (the occipital bone), wrap the tape slightly upward to just below your hairline- or where it used to be- basically just above the center of your forehead.  Carefully mark (by pinching or digging your fingernail, or looking in a mirror) the spot on the tape and record that, or hold your string up to an accurate measuring device.  Do that two or three times to make sure you're getting a consistent measurement; if you get 23 then 24, then 22.5 then slow down cowpoke and measure till you get the same number.  

When I measure I get 22 7/8" or 58 cm.- at the upper end of our medium and the cap fits nice and snug.  If you're in the same boat and don't like a cap too snug we can adjust it accordingly, please add a note in the Basket section 'Order Notes'.

I have a hard time finding caps that fit right. 

In that case, measure from one ear over the head to the other ear and then contacting us with the two measurements to see what we think.  

My head is in between sizes and I don't like tight or loose caps... I still don’t know what size to order.

Everyone’s head is a different size and not everyone will fit comfortably within our sizing. If you are one of these people, let us know! Cap too small? Randi can let out the elastic to make it roomier. Cap too big? Randi can tighten the elastic for a snugger fit. Just include your needs in the 'Order Notes' section when ordering. If you really are unsure, email or call us!

Do all of your caps fit the same?

No, our Flip-Up Cap are a more snug fit, the ear flap and thicker materials account for this. If you are concerned about the cap being too tight, let us know and Randi can make adjustments as needed.

I really like the Flip-Up style but I want a different color combo. Can I get a different ear flap color?

Yes! We would be happy to put any merino ear flap color you see on the website with any cap color offered.

Can I wash my Wax cap?

Alto!  The Wax Canvas should not be washed. It can be spot cleaned with gentle soap, the more you rub the more you rub away, first the dirt, then patina, then wax off the canvas.  They can be rewaxed (see below).

The lining on the caps is washable- just pull the lining away from the wax canvas and hand wash it. Line dry, don't put it in a dryer otherwise the wax with melt away.

If you really want to wash your Wax cap, just know the wax will be washed out (removing the water resistanceness of the Wax Canvas). It can be rewaxed and we recommend Otter Wax (here's a handy guide to rewaxing a cap).

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